Seven Lakes State Park Connector

Trail between Village of Holly and Seven Lakes State Park

The Seven Lakes State Park Connector will be completed when the Plute Development Company installs approximately 1-1/2 miles of surfaced trailway across the open fields that separate Holly Village from Seven Lakes State Park. The 900+ units of the Riverside development span north and south of the Shiawassee River in Holly Township. Spurs from the main trail will lead to the new homesites being installed in various phases.

The end result will be a hard surface pathway with one end in downtown historic Holly, known for its specialty and antique shops. Traveling west, the path will follow along village streets, past the new Pulte homes and end at the entrance of Seven Lakes State Park. The 140 acre state park has boating, swimming, hiking and camping facilities and is open year round.

The Connector will help Holly become a truly walkable community, where visitors and residents can opt for healthful modes of transportation and where students can walk safely to neighborhood schools.

The central trail will have two spurs, one leading to Patterson Elementary School and the other connecting to the southern part of the Pulte Development and Holly Academy, a K-8 institution. This section crosses the Shiawassee River where an overlook and fishing pier are proposed.

The Shiawassee River is also the proposed Water Heritage Trail from Holly to Fenton flowing east to west. As it intersects the Seven Lakes Connector, a canoe/kayak portage will be built around the pedestrian bridge on the Water Heritage Trail where the river narrows and drops about two feet.

Beyond Seven Lakes State Park the potential exists for connecting to a trail network running through Genesee County. At the other end of the Connector, the possibility exists of traveling along any of the four other trail segments proposed by Headwaters Trails. Thus the Connector will join fourteen miles of local trails that have proposed links to other county wide greenways and trails. Adventurous residents of or visitors to the Holly will have the opportunity to walk, bike, hike or otherwise travel along new non-motorized routes in a section of Oakland County that remains rural and scenic.

No estimate  completion date at this time.